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Hungarians are different, they call themselves Magyar, their country Magyarorzág, they speak a language that is faintly related to Finnish and some other obscure linguistic pockets in Siberia and is heaped together as Finno-Ugrian. They love goulash and Tokaj, they are proud and slightly, dare I say it, nationalistic and chauvinistic.

Hungary is flat, which might be the reason it was so attractive to the successive waves of horse riding warriors tribes that settled it, from the Huns down to the Magyars. Now flat sounds boring, but it isn’t. Apart from its natural wonders, which include Lake Balaton, the largest natural grassland in Europe, and the Danube river winding its slow way down to Serbia, it also has some of the best architecture sites in the world, from Budapest’s Castle Hill, Chain Bridge, and parliament building, to the palaces in Szeged, to Baroque-a-delic Székesfehérvár (now try to pronounce that name!). And then there are the bathhouses, thermal springs, good wine and food, culture, and for the young and happening crowd, there is the Sziget Festival.

Blogger :  Tasha Vermond



- Turkey

If you like ancient ruins and civilizations, you are in the right place. On the other hand, if you seek nice beaches, idyllic coves and crystal clear waters, you are similarly in the right place. And if you prefer incense and spice filled bazaars, sublime mosques, winding alleys and little hidden cafés full of shisha smoking men, you are also in the right place. Yes, even if you like partying till the break of dawn, loud trance music and getting stone drunk, you are in the right place. Turkey has got something for everybody. 

From the epic ruins of Ephesus, a balloon trip over Cappadocia, mesmerizing Istanbul, a boat trip taking you from Bodrum to Fethiye along the beautiful Aegean coastline, the picturesque Ottoman townscape of Safranbolu, to the beautiful ruins of Ishak Pasha Palace in the far east of Turkey, you won’t be disappointed. 

Blogger  : Burchak Purple

- India 



India is a country of extremes where you will see the whole spectacle of life played out before your eyes, uncut, uncensored, and unashamed. You will encounter death, birth, possibly rebirth, and see people washing clothes, bathing, crying, laughing, and probably squatting for a bowel movement. All in the first day. 

This country has a history dating back to time immortal, a religion that encompasses hundreds to thousands of Gods, and a population that will soon surpass China despite being less than half the latter’s size. It brought forth the romantic tale and architecture of the Taj Mahal, Ghandi, and the number zero, and let’s face it, the world would be a very different place if those three had never been. 

Blogger : Chris Holn 

- Canada



Canada is a land of vast distances, so any fast travel will involve a plane flight. For lightly populated areas, its practically mandatory. Otherwise, traveling by car offers a spectacular opportunity to experience Canada's natural beauty. Various scenic drives cut through Canada's wilderness and allow the nature loving traveler to stop along the way to hike, camp, fish and spot wildlife -- even Moose or Grizzly. The country also offers train routes that rank among the best in the world for scenic beauty.

If you still want to stay active but don't wish to take your chances with the wildlife, then cycling one of the many urban bike paths is a great option. For a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, plan a trip to the Arctic.

Blogger : Tedy 

- Spain



From the Mediterranean beaches to the Pyrenees, and from Gaudi’s quirky architecture in Barcelona to stunning Alhambra in Granada, the diversity in landscapes and cities is immense in this Iberian monarchy. For the beach lovers there are not only the mainland costa’s to choose from, there are also the Balearic or Canary Islands that boasts some fine sand and surf. And to get your adrenaline pumping, why not try being chased by a bull in Pamplona? In for a long walk? How about the pilgrims route to Santiago de Compostela, with a fine cathedral at the end of it as a reward. More into snow? Ski the Pyrenees, it is cheaper than the Alps. Like modern architecture? The Guggenheim in Bilbao might interest you. Or maybe you are a monarchist at heart, than the Palacio Real (the Royal Palace) in Madrid would fit the bill. Don’t give a damn about culture or nature, but just want to drink, dance and flirt from dusk till dawn? Ibiza should do the trick. Perhaps all you are after is some good food, in which case you can enjoy a paella in a plaza or be snack happy with Spain's tapas bar tradition.

Whatever you choose, siesta divided days will ensure that you don't waste the night by being awake all day. So, don't neglect Spain's 'start late and go all night' life. 

Blogger: Agatha




This country, however is more than vodka swirling locals. There are countless minorities, from Tartars, to Chechens, to Yakutsk to Nenets. While overwhelming orthodox, there are also sizeable groups of Muslims, and smaller pockets of Buddhists, Jews, Catholics and animists. From the tribes in the Caucasus to the bureaucrats in Moscow and the reindeer herders in the frozen north, you will discover there is no such thing as one kind of Russian. 


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